Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hubby and I spent the Week at a friends place in Berlin...
We met in 2003 playing Dark Age of Camelot.

I don't like pvp in ultima but DaoC was the game I loved to rvr in. I played a Cleric (Avenhar) and I had an Ice wizzy (Aalia.....what a surprise)

Unlike UO DaoC wasn't a solo game until the release of SI, each class needed each other, for eather damage, heals, protection or buffs. Crafters where highly thought after and it was hard and tedious to get to the high levels in crafting, in turn it was very rewarding.

Shrouded Isles did change the game some , but it was still balanced and fun.

Sadly DaoC turned out to be the game that was ruined by rather bad expansions.

At its peak times in 2004 we had up to 45 Minutes of log in Ques because the servers where so full, Relic Raids had 3000+ people defending and playing , lag was horrid, but it has been the funnest time.

Today Excalibur Server (the UK Main server) has a population of 4.

We keep running into our former Guildies all the time, everytime a new Online game is released they all flock to it trying to find the former glory DaoC had.

So far they have failed to find it....

I still hope for the day EA Mythink and Goa can come together and relelas the Classic DaoC no "Classic server" with the new Races and frontier, no ToA , no other expansion....just Daoc .... the way it was ment to be.

AWWWW the memories !!!!