Thursday, February 26, 2009


After a long Day of work I finally finished the Questlibrary.

It features all the Legacy Quests:

  • The Ant Quests Trammel
  • The Ant Quests Felucca
  • The Collector's Quest
  • The Golden Skull Quest
  • The Hag Quest Trammel
  • The Hag Quest Felucca

All the Virtue Quests:

  • The Humility Cloak Quest
  • The 8 Virtue Quests

All the Heartwood Quests

  • Crafting Quests
  • Sachel and Strongbox Quests
  • Dungeon Quests

Mondains Legady Quests:

  • Human Heritage Quest Trammel
  • Human Heritage Quest Felucca
  • Elven Heritage Quest Trammel
  • Elven Heritage Quest Felucca
  • Museum, Library & Zoo Collection Roints Trammel
  • Museum, Library & Zoo Collection Points Felucca
  • Library Quest
  • Dungeon Quests

New Haven Quests:

  • Accelerated Skill Gain Quests
  • New player Quests
  • Sachel Quests

Current Event Quests

  • 3 Magincia Quests

The library also offers a huge variety of Guide and Hint Books that are in Baskets along with the Runebooks.

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